March 30, 2009

chronic illness.

haven't been writerly lately--had a fun weekend (with lovely lula), but i am just out of pace lately, not sleeping correctly and generally green in the head and such.

i have been doing a lot of wondering about the emotional connection to sickness lately. sometimes i wonder if a lot of it is psycho-somatic. and whether i just need to get a bit happier and more hopeful and then my head would clear. who knows. it could just be my deviated septum.

i am caught somewhere between hypochondria-medicine-dependency and super-hippie-herbal-tactics-doctor-skepticism. i don't know which side to lean to to cure my months and months of sinus problems.

i'm just a bit of a sicky bird.

on another note--it's very pretty here. like God is apologizing for randomly making it snow yesterday.

and on a last note... i can't wait for my stupid hair to grow out. and isn't this picture awesome? it's from Allyson Kalie's flickr, which you can see here:

a great photo. such a nice braided look. i think of heidi, and spending hours in art studios, and fall, and romantically cold days.


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Anna said...

I too am having sinus/cold/possibly allergy issues. It was so bad that when I tried to Neti-pot it out last night, the water couldn't get thru my sinuses...i tilted and turned and tried for ten minutes, but nothing.

In happier news, I can't wait to see you! When do you arrive in the land of Jersey?