March 20, 2009

my new project.

i am finally at 75% on a new project i am working on, which is a high enough percentage to talk about it.

lately, i have been very interested in various listing projects--amy krouse rosenthal's 17 things i made , hwa young jung's 'english things', beth campbell's 'potential future' lists, to name a few.

one morning as i reached into my cupboard to grab a mug, i reflected on the fact that, like a pre-schooler who will only drink out of a batman cup, i am legitimately frustrated when i don't get to have my coffee in my mauve glazed mug. i have about 12 mugs--way more than is necessary--but i always want this one. it's my favorite.

i had a similar moment later, when, upon preparing to eat a scone, i kicked the dishwasher in anger because i couldn't eat my scone on my clear glass dimpled plate, which i bought for 50 cents at an apple orchard. i have a full set of dishes-- 8 full sized plates, 8 salad plates, not to mention at least 6 saucer sized plates and a few decorative plates--but i only want to eat my snack on my favorite plate.

i have a lot of some things, but one favorite. hence my new project.

lots but one favorite

i am not 100% committed to this format/layout, or even to the whole idea of this being a blog. it may morph into a series of drawings, or photos, or just a written list. this is what i am trying out for now.

hope you enjoy it!

on a totally unrelated side note, i put extra mustard on my sandwich today in hopes it would help out with my cold--and my brain is burning, i swear...


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