March 23, 2009

the boots of bliss

ok if i don't own one or both colors of this boot some time in my life i will just feel upset. does anyone have $128?

or fashion sense they could possibly loan me?

i know if i could wear shoes like these that i would also, magically, be happily married, 28, have a sweet little baby (or two), and long hair (worn in a bun), be insanely rosy-cheeked, eat organic food from a small farm, and i would love my government.

so... if anyone wants to loan me that money, they're at urban outfitters.


1 comment:

SB said...

these are gorgeous. i think with a little knee length skirt, mom cardigan (i'm feeling j.crew or target) and vaguely ethnic beaded earrings this could be a wonderful fall/spring boot.