July 31, 2009

All Your Childhood Favorites.

While I spent my first 21 years protesting wildly against the cinematization of my favorite books, ever since the Narnia re-makes, I have been letting it go just a bit. Those movies blew my mind. Unlike Harry Potter's weak attempts (sorry, biased against that ugly Radcliffe boy) the Narnia movies have done an impeccable job with casting, CG-that-doesn't-look-like-Toy-Story, scenery, and music.

Thus, I have been more open to investigating the following. While these don't seem to be going for play-by-play authenticity, I am interested in the interpretations and nice visual treatment.

First up, Fantastic Mr. Fox.

Here's Alice in Wonderland (sorry I couldn't embed it).

Here's Where the Wild Things Are (again, sorry.)

We'll see how they are!

Books are still best...


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