August 18, 2009

Mountains, Moving, and Monroe Bisque.

I am back, having hiked the Alps.

If ever I must leave the country I love and live somewhere new, by all means let it be Switzerland.

'Real life' (and my job) begins this coming Monday, and so this week I am moving, little by little, into my little room-to-live-in on the Lower East Side. My living space is tiny, but I will pay no rent (and love little spaces) so I have decided there is no reason to complain. Plus, it's got a fearfully high ceiling...which I think will be exciting and fun to tweak around with. I am thinking of putting in some floating bookshelves, 10 feet off the floor. With a little rolling stepladder, I can be Audrey in 'Funny Face' when I go up for a book.

I am painting my room just the color of my bedroom here in my parents' house. Why not? Monroe Bisque makes the room so cozy.

I am basing my design daydream for the room on a painting I made a year and some ago, set in a favorite Evanston bookshop.

Very teacherly, I think.

More to come, assuredly, when New York assaults me with things to talk about...


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Cassie said...

I love Funny Face!!! and you, so glad you are back...