July 12, 2009

A Visit.

My friend Becca (alias Lovely Lula) came for a visit this last week.

It is always a joy to have a visit at home with a friend. Bringing together friends and family always brings about some fun and adventure.

I introduced Midwestern Becca to my home town back East. We ate 'real' bagels and she remarked on the hilly landscape and the very tree-ish looks of things here.

We boated in Central Park and took a look at some wonderful turtles, and one odd bird.

We played the Ouija board and tried to determine our futures.

We made this picture of a clock.

All in all we had a spectacular, laid back time. I miss her again, already!


1 comment:

becca fleming said...

wow. I laughed. SO MUCH! LOVE the pictures from our ouija adventure and boy howdy is that a handsome clock!
I miss you tooo!
Thanks again for having me!