September 14, 2009


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Sheila said...

The room looks great -
Hi Sarah,
It occurred to me after getting your txt last night, that I never emailed you as I planned. I had the "stuff" here for a long time, finally got it packaged-but was hurrying so didn't include a note and thought I'd email, and then it rode around in my car for several days until I got to ship it. I didn't want to sent a message until I shipped, and ultimately forgot to send a message!

When your mom sends me something that is one of her "favorites", I always love it. The things I included are just some of my favorites to have around as a teacher. The most recent find - the tube of lip gloss - is one that will stay on through 3 or 4 classes. Otherwise, my lips would be SO dry on days I had back to back groups that could hardly stand it. It just doesn't seem very professional to have the kids watch while I grab my chapstick etc. :-)

I would love to talk sometime. I assumed you were teacher art - but saw something on your blog about science, so am puzzled. maybe I will get out that way in Oct/Nov and be able to visit with you.

Best of luck - you gain two experiences this way - living in NY and teaching. Both worry of a try!

It is pretty cool that you and Meg get to try the city thing simultaneously!