January 12, 2009

internship success!

woo hoo! i have a structured schedule!

i just heard back from the children's museum and i will be enjoying the delightful feeling of being a productive human again from february to may as their arts learning intern! which is great...because i have ALWAYS wanted to work in a children's museum, and this job involves writing curriculum for workshops and then teaching them... bliss.

art classes, in a museum that features such delights as a kid-sized town and a fabricated over-sized backyard. perfection... i can't wait.




Sheila said...

Sarah - I am SO, SO happy for you! I can see why you were a wonderful candidate for this position!
the other SB (aunt)

Rachel said...

Freakin' right!
I'm so proud of you. Congratulations. I guess this proves that good things do come to those who wait.

All my love,

ymyaskovskaya said...

Congratulations, girl. Sorry I haven't been keeping up with you in the last few days; I've been a wee bit stressed...but congrats!