January 21, 2009

exploratorium--san fran day one.

hello! from far warmer place than chicago!

i had a long flight in to california--as my dad says, getting out here feels like getting to europe-- but it wasn't half a problem, considering i had some good reading in tow, and some celine dion music videos on my itunes. i arrived and had the lovely good fortune of having a chaffeur service in the form of my uncle, who drove me right to cassie's door-- so nice of him!

cassie's apartment is lovely and nothing beats the company. i had a delicious dinner with the witten siblings last night and got a view of what a hopping scene the mission area is, even on a tuesday night. (i had roast chicken and olive oil mashed potatoes. delicious.) we watched some little house on the prairie (she has all the seasons on dvd, now, too!) and then crashed in her pretty bedroom. i got some (peet's!) coffee with her this morning before she left for work, which had me reminiscing as i got my morning dose.

ben and i spent the morning discussing the farm movement, jamie oliver, cooking, natural living, and politics. highly enjoyable. then we had some soup for lunch, and headed off to a great museum: san francisco's exploratorium!

it reminded me a great deal of the liberty science center, back east, but with a lot less structure in terms of your route--which i appreciated. the highlights were a two person exhibit in which you read questions to eachother and gauged how anxious it made the other person via graph readouts (very funny) a huge contraption that blew smoke rings, a dome that you could pull over your head to experience the emotional outcome of being inundated with different colors (AWESOME), and a pitch black "tactile dome" which we did three times. we would be bad at being blind.

tonight we will go to dinner again and that should be delightful. san francisco is beautiful, clean, and a lot more lush than i expected. very pretty trees and such mountains! and i am still shocked at the crazy hills. no amount of warning prepared me for cars parallel parked on a serious incline.

on an entirely different note, my brother is hilarious for making this:




troubadour of what? said...

i feel good that i'm a part of Paul's creation haha

ymyaskovskaya said...

David made one too, and under his picture is says HYPE. It's pretty brilliant, actually.