February 23, 2010

A friend of mine struts her stuff on etsy!

Check out this gorgeous pendant made by my friend for her new etsy shop: margotclaire!

I am so happy she's decided to put some of her creative pursuits online. I knew her as a painter, and as a fun, creative, multi-talented friend. Hooray for Margot! I WANT ONE!


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Danielle said...

I came on to read your blog to catch up on your life and all I can say is I wish there was more! I basically read the whole thing over breakfast haha. Your room is DARLING...I am jealous of your bed-desk. I used to have one I received as a Christmas present from Santa but I broke it somehow about a week later. I think I fell asleep with it over me and knocked it off. Not a surprise, in my case. Also - you disastrously make me want to shop and I also swear I am not this girly (but I am...le sigh). I love your science exercise! You seem like a great teacher Ms. Mumma! Hope the city is treating you well!

P.S. I never did rinse my hair in baking soda...just my Sigg.